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Try these Troubleshooting Guidelines to Connect to the Wireless Router

reset Belkin range extender

With a fabulous range of up to 5,000 square feet, Belkin range extenders helps a lot in eliminating dead zones or blind spots in your home and extends internet coverage to even those rooms where you can’t get a proper WiFi signal. Conversely, it also delivers data transfer speeds of up to 300Mbps for suffering the web and accessing Belkin setup page.

First of all, let us ask you a couple of questions prior to troubleshoot the issue.

If your Belkin WiFi range extender isn’t working properly or acting weird, then this tutorial will be a lot helpful for you. We are here and committed to help you to troubleshoot Belkin extender issues and how to make use of Belkin.range setup page for Belkin extender setup, login, and troubleshooting.

Many problems can be resolved by staying on the same post linked with your Belkin device such as:-

  • Belkin WiFi range extender isn’t connecting to your regular router.
  • Its LED lights aren’t stable.
  • Range extender won’t accept the password.
  • It is connected properly but there isn’t any internet connection.
  • You would require having the correct and appropriate way to reset Belkin range extender and to do a fresh start.

Note: Don’t forget that you have to take your Belkin device away from your existing router and the modem as well.

If you actually wanna resolve all your issues, then try some baby touch guidelines given below for complete solutions.

Troubleshooting Belkin WiFi Range Extender

  • Firstly, restart your existing router and the modem. Before proceeding further, you have to make sure that both the smart WiFi devices mentioned here shouldn’t consist of an old and outdated firmware. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be overheated as well.
  • Plug them both at a higher shelf near to your Belkin device. Do not cover and hide them at back of anything, inside cabinet, under cable, etc.
  • Do not allow them to generate heat. For this, you are not supposed to cover them or load them with malware and malicious files.
  • Choose a spot for your smart WiFi devices away from microwave, cordless phones, Bluetooth devices/ speakers, electronic and metal appliances/ gadgets, etc. If there isn’t any place, then it is a humble request to the users, turn off all the interference-creating objects mentioned in this step while you are using your smart devices. This will help you to connect to the wireless router and also fixes slow and sluggish internet connectivity and dropped or weak connection issues.
  • Now, turn your Belkin range extender off for few seconds and after that; plug it into a power outlet.
  • After few minutes, restart your computer as well and connect it with your Belkin device with Ethernet cable.

If this process doesn’t help the range extender to connect with the network, then follow some more steps to make it done.

Reset Belkin Range Extender back to Factory Default Settings: The Hard Reset Process

  • Look at the back of bottom panel of your Belkin WiFi range extender.
  • As soon as you find the reset hole, use a paper clip or pen and press the reset key at reset key of your Belkin device for few seconds and after that release it.
  • Restart your Belkin extender and after few minutes restart your main router as well.

Now, it is the time to navigate to belkin.setup page for the setup and login process of your smart wireless or WiFi range extender.

Read MoreBelkin WiFi Extender Setup.

Dear users, we do understand that some range extenders do not carry or have the reset key. In that case, we insist you to follow some light and smooth steps that are given below just for you.

The Resetting Process of a Belkin Range Extender without using a Reset Key

Folks! In order to reset your Belkin device without a reset key, then you need to:

  • Connect your WiFi range extender to computer/ laptop using USB or an Ethernet cable.
  • Open a web browser and type Belkin range extender IP address in its URL field.
  • Navigate to Settings after that Utility and then Restore Factory Defaults.
  • Restore your device to factory default settings – shut it down and restart it after few minutes.

Congrats! Your Belkin WiFi range extender has been reset successfully. You can now go with the Belkin extender setup process.

We hope that all the information shared in this post helps you in fixing all your annoying and brain-teasers issues. Do share your valuable feedback in the comment section below and let us know if you need any other help or assistance for Belkin range extender troubleshooting.

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