Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

This Transparent Bubble Hotel in Bali Is Pretty Magical – Oh, and It’s Just Over $100 a Night

An unconventional hotel in Bali offers guests privacy and seclusion in a way that feels absolutely exposing. The Bubble Hotel consists of a few completely transparent domes hidden among a lush landscape. The hotel is fairly minimalist in that each actual bubble really just fits a bed and a mini fridge, and guests have to be pretty comfortable with the outdoors because the shower and toilet are located outside.

The hotel operates through Airbnb, and there are currently seven bubbles available at varying prices. Bubbles start at $104 a night, depending on the season, and the more expensive $200 ones have a small pool and net to lounge above the trees. For an additional fee, the hotel also offers experiences like massages, stargazing, games, and even professional photography for all those Instagram photos you’ll definitely want to take. Are you somehow in need of more convincing? See photos from those who have paid a visit to the Bubble Hotel ahead.

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