Wednesday, 20 Mar 2019

Marketing antidepressants as his and hers? This is ‘anxiety economy’ at its worst | Emily Reynolds

Highly gendered, Insta-friendly and sold online – medication is being peddled for first-date nerves and public speaking

If you have ever spent more than five minutes on Instagram, you’ll probably be familiar with the sleek pink packages that indicate someone has bought something from Glossier. The company, an American cosmetics brand founded in 2010, has become famous not only for its products, but also for its aesthetic: cutesy, minimalist pastel packaging expertly targeted at the perfect millennial customer. As with many brands, what you are actually getting doesn’t always seem to matter: photographing it, being seen to have it, is what you are paying for.

Legions of brands have followed Glossier’s example: at first, other cosmetic companies, then homeware, lifestyle and more. Now, it seems, the Glossierification of everyday life is finally complete, as the telemedicine brands Hims and Hers neatly show.

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