Learn an Easy Way to Set up Your Netgear Extender


Read this post to know the easy steps for error-free Netgear extender setup. WiFi range extenders have become a valuable part of our daily internet usage either in homes or in the offices. With the growth in technology, we all prefer faster and longer wireless network connectivity.

For this, we use the Netgear extenders. These devices boot up and strengthen the wireless connection so that you will get strong WiFi connectivity at each corner of your premises. You just need to perform new extender setup in a proper manner and that’s it.

But if you’re not aware of how to set up your Netgear Extender or facing some trouble executing the setup then read this complete post. Let us start with making you familiar with your extender, prior to the installation part.

Becoming Familiar with Your Device

Here is the information about the Netgear Extender as per the Netgear WiFi range extender manual:

  1. Netgear Extender is a plug and play device i.e. you just need to connect it to the power supply & configure it to the router and your device is ready to use. Installation is very simple to execute and can be done within just a few minutes.
  2. The location to place the extender should be in the middle of the house so that the user can get the good ne6twork coverage throughout their premises.
  3. The Netgear extender can be set up using the easy to implement on-screen instructions on the mywifiext. net – a secure web portal to set up the Netgear devices. But you must have the login access credentials for your router’s login page.
  4. Netgear Extenders comes in various models; the popular of these are Netgear N300 and N600 Dual Band. Apart from these, other recommend models are Netgear AC2200, Netgear Night Hawk Range Extender and Netgear AC1200.
  5. All of these models can easily be set up using the same setup process i.e. through net, that we will guide you in the below section.

Netgear Extender Support: Setup and Configuration

Prior to indulge in the setup process for your Netgear Extender, make sure your extender is placed at least a few distances away from the router. Further, execute these steps:

  1. First things first, unbox the extender and connect it to the power supply, Wait for the device to turn on.
  2. Now head towards your computer (desktop or laptop) and on the bottom right corner, you will see the WiFi icon, tap on it.
  3. Here you will find a new network.
  4. Click on this new network to pair with it. Thereafter, open any web browser such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.
  5. Now way on the top, there is address bar. Click on this address bar and type mywifiext.net and hit enter.

Important Tip: In case mywifiext.net setup page doesn’t open, you can use IP address for accessing the extender login page.

  1. You will be directed to Netgear genie setup portal from here.
  2. There you need to tap on the button and then precisely follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. On the very next page, you will be prompted to choose how you would like to use this new extender, select WiFi Range Extender.
  4. Select your WiFi network from the list that appears on your screen. Remember you have to click on the main network, not the guest network. Then you will be asked for the password for the same network.
  5. Further, you have to assign a network name and a password for your Extender. Also, here you will be shown all the related information with your extender.
  6. Save all the settings that you have done and restart your both devices – the router and the extender.

Your extender is all set to use now. However, if you face any issue, you may reset your extender and then again configure it to the router. Or simply give us a call at our toll-free number 1-888-674-6890 and ask our experts for mywifiext.net support.

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