Friday, 22 Feb 2019

I don’t need a digital pill to monitor me – I just need to see a doctor | Lienkie Diedericks

A bit of tech that keeps track of our medication may save the NHS money, but sometimes we need to talk to a human being

Over the weekend, I awoke to raging sinusitis. After calling my GP’s surgery, I was told to log an appointment request on their new online system. Navigating the platform was easy enough until I was confronted with a barrage of multiple-choice questions. My mucus wasn’t quite yellow, nor could it be described as green. Yes, my neck was stiff, but surely that didn’t mean meningitis? And if I bend over, I think my headache gets worse … In the end I became more anxious than ill, which I guess is one way of treating a sore throat.

Medical practitioners are so overworked that some have confessed that the NHS is draining them of their humanity

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