Christopher Chope is blocking bills that make women safer – it’s obscene | Frances Ryan

A senior, white, wealthy man shouldn’t be using his power to actively block an anti-FGM bill

When Jess Phillips’ immigration speech to the House of Commons recently went viral, it did so not only because it was a witty take on class but because her comment that she wouldn’t even trust some of her colleagues to “hold my pint” perfectly spoke to the feeling much of the public have about MPs: that many are out of touch – enjoying the perks, power and privilege of their positions, with little regard for the lives of ordinary people they are meant to represent. Step forward, Sir Christopher Chope.

Chope, who recently gained notoriety for using an obscure parliamentary tactic to delay upskirting from becoming a criminal offence, was at it again on Friday, this time blocking a bill to make it easier to protect girls believed to be at risk from female genital mutilation (FGM).

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