Sunday, 16 Dec 2018
Category: Politics

Trump is accusing his administration’s anonymous op-ed writer of treason. That’s nonsense.

Early Wednesday evening, the president issued the following official statement: TREASON? — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 5, 2018 While, in isolation, the tweet is maddeningly enigmatic, most observers immediately recognized that Donald Trump was referring to a New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous senior official in his administration. In the op-ed, the […]

The left’s best hope to pick up a Senate seat is in Delaware

The unexpectedly exciting Delaware Senate primary, explained. Delaware’s US Senate primary usually has a predictable outcome, with a longtime Democratic incumbent usually coasting to a win. This year could be different. Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), a moderate Democrat, is up for reelection. Carper is a former governor and has been in the Senate since 2001. […]

Live results for Tuesday’s Massachusetts primaries

Massachusetts voters head to the polls on Tuesday to choose nominees in races for US Senate, governor, and four key House primaries. Progressive Sen. Elizabeth Warren is running unopposed in the Democratic primary for US Senate, while three Republicans are competing to challenge her in the fall. Two Democrats are duking it out to face […]

Joe Lieberman nonchalantly talked about cashing in as a lobbyist during John McCain’s eulogy

McCain fought for influence and campaign finance reform his whole career. Speaking at John McCain’s memorial service Saturday, Joe Lieberman celebrated the Arizona senator’s public life, their friendship and, inadvertently, McCain’s decades-long fight to weaken the influence of money and special interests in Washington. Lieberman, a Democrat, and McCain, a Republican, were best friends in […]

Who is Bill Burck? Meet the former Bush attorney vetting Kavanaugh documents.

Many Democrats see a massive conflict of interest. Bill Burck, an attorney for the George W. Bush library and a longtime Republican, is a key linchpin in the process for reviewing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s lengthy paper trail. In fact, he’s running the show — and Democrats see his involvement as yet another sign […]

Former Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl will replace John McCain in the Senate

Kyl, a Republican, has said he won’t run for the seat in 2020. John Kyl — who served three terms in the Senate as an Arizona Republican — is filling the seat of the late Sen. John McCain, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced Tuesday. The move keeps McCain’s seat safely in Republican hands at least […]