Sunday, 16 Dec 2018
Category: Entertainment

20 Elf Quotes Perfect For Using Every Day of the Holiday Season

Elf is a movie that never gets old, and even though it’s firmly a holiday movie, we find ourselves quoting the Will Ferrell comedy year-round. Buddy the Elf has so many cute one-liners that instantly brighten your day and make you feel like smiling at any time (because smiling is your favorite, of course). Here […]

10 Romantic Ways Barack and Michelle Obama Kept Their Love Alive in 2018

With so many breakups this year, it was certainly hard to keep our faith in love alive, but thankfully, we can always count on Barack and Michelle Obama. The former first couple celebrated their 26th wedding anniversary in October, and from the looks of it, they’re still crazy about each other. From sweet birthday surprises […]

Look No Further For the Perfect Cutout Cookie Recipe – This One’s Flawless

Over two decades of baking, and obsessively enthusiastically decorating cutout sugar cookies, I’ve tried a handful of recipes. None were a total flop; at the same time, none deserved a repeat performance. The recipes I tried were either too finicky, with dough that goes soft, sticky, and unmanageable after one roll-out; were bland – sure, […]

The Ultimate Guide to Sports Bras For Big Boobs

If you’ve got a larger bust, you know the struggle of finding a great sports bra. You need something that is supportive above all else, and that can be tough to find. But have no fear – we’ve done the hard work for you. These are 2019’s top sports bras for large busts; just keep […]

The Team Behind Margot Robbie’s Mind-Blowing Transformation Into Queen Elizabeth Spills the Tea

Four-hundred-something years before Meghan Markle had the power to send sheer pantyhose sales through the roof, it was Queen Elizabeth I who set the fashion and beauty trends. Everything from her hair to her eyebrows was carefully calculated, extravagant, and laced with cover-up – and Margot Robbie’s mind-blowing transformation into the character takes center stage […]