Thursday, 21 Mar 2019
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Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on the filibuster, 2020, and Medicare-for-all

Vox interviews Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer. Chuck Schumer is one part of the Chuck-and-Nancy team leading the united resistance against President Donald Trump and, if the 2020 election breaks right for Democrats, the Senate majority leader-in-waiting. He sat down with Vox for a 45-minute interview, offering up his legendary hospitality often credited with helping […]

Women are lagging in the 2020 primary polls — that’s too bad

The case for making 2020 the real Year of the Woman. When women proved markedly more likely than men to win contested Democratic primaries in 2018, I thought female candidates would have the edge in the 2020 sweepstakes. But that seems not to be the case. Despite an unprecedented number of women running for president, […]

How Payments (And Healthcare) Drive Digital Innovation

There is a gap between what merchants say they want to do toward innovation and what they actually do — and from that gap come insights into retail and payments. A big payments acquisition, meanwhile, shines light on what the next commerce and transaction developments will look like. In healthcare, new technology designed to strengthen authentication is gaining ground, while truths […]

How eCommerce Merchants Create Seamless Subscriptions With Customization

In the age of subscriptions for movies and even car rentals, consumer goods and eCommerce companies are tapping into recurring purchase models. Some companies offer refills of household cleaning products, for example, while others offer unique selections highlighting the culinary flavor of a region though box-of-the-month plans. To provide the options that consumers desire, subscription […]

How The ‘Airbnb’ Of Fashion Monetizes Wardrobes

Online marketplaces are taking a page out of the sharing economy playbook for clothing rentals: HURR Collective Co-Founder and CEO Victoria Prew watched the massive rise of the model from car sharing to house sharing and believed fashion needed to be disrupted. The company is “essentially Airbnb for fashion,” Prew told PYMNTS in an interview. […]

Levi Strauss IPO 10 Times Oversubscribed

With an expected Levi Strauss & Co. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listing on the horizon, the denim company’s initial public offering (IPO) is said to be oversubscribed by greater than 10 times, per unnamed sources. The company is expected to offer 37 million shares with the symbol of LEVI, according to a CNBC report. As […]

Curing Medical ID Pains With Biometrics

Like many other facets of consumers’ lives, medical care is becoming increasingly digital. Many healthcare providers’ systems offer smartphone apps enabling users to schedule appointments with primary doctors, check in for appointments, chat with nurses or review test results. Before they can access this sensitive information, however, patients must first verify their identities.  Patients may […]

Google Pay Is Coming To eBay

Very soon, eBay shoppers will be able to choose Google Pay as their payment method when checking out. The move comes as the latest expansion of its newly redesigned payments experience. In early 2018, eBay announced its plans to intermediate payments through a multi-year implementation that may last through mid-2020. PayPal remains a payment option […]

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