Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Category: Tech

These hyper-realistic masks are being used to train facial recognition tech

A small company in Japan that makes hyper-realistic face masks has found popularity within the tech industry, as reported by Reuters. The masks, which cost about 300,000 yen ($2,650 USD) to create, are made of resin and plastic by REAL-f Co. at the company’s location in Otsu. Image: REUTERS The company’s founder, Osamu Kitagawa, spent […]

Amazon just opened Alexa to all Bluetooth headphone makers

Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is about to expand to a new class of devices, especially hands-free listening and communications. In a blog post published today, Amazon says it’s made its Alexa Mobile Accessory Kit tool widely available to developers. First introduced back in January, the software development kit was designed as a way to bring […]

Facebook used to auction off a teenage girl for marriage in South Sudan

Last month, men in South Sudan engaged in a bidding war over a 17-year-old girl after they saw a post on Facebook advertising her for marriage. Just a few days after the post circulated online, she was purchased by a wealthy businessman to be his wife, according to Reuters. It’s yet another example of how […]

Amazon reportedly bidding on multiple Fox sports channels

Amazon may try to expand its live sports offering for Prime subscribers by bidding on 20 of Fox’s regional sports channels, according to a report from CNBC. Fox’s 22 channels were acquired by Disney during the two companies’ merger earlier this year. Disney, which already owns ESPN, has told regulators that it’s willing to immediately […]

We’ve come full circle with this Apple Watch iPod nano concept

Nostalgia is a funny thing, because your emotions trick you into thinking you want something that has absolutely no functional value. This Apple Watch iPod nano concept, published on Behance by Korean designer Joyce Kang, is an example that suddenly makes you appreciate the iPod nano that’s currently sitting in a dusty corner of your […]

Google is patenting a pair of motorized VR roller skates

Do you want to really, physically walk around in virtual reality? Is an omnidirectional treadmill too bulky for your taste? A giant hamster ball too confining? Redirected walking too trippy? An empty warehouse too expensive? If so, I’ve got good news: Google is trying to patent a design for VR roller skates. Google applied for […]

Google’s Digital Wellbeing features are now available for all Pixel phones

Google’s Digital Wellbeing features, designed to help you more responsibly use mobile software and prevent distractions, have officially exited the beta phase and are now available for all Google Pixel phones running Android 9 Pie, per 9to5Google. Android One devices are also receiving the features, which can be found under the Android settings menu once […]