Thursday, 21 Mar 2019
Category: Tech

AT&T and Comcast announce system to combat robocalls

AT&T and Comcast are partnering to authenticate calls made between the two networks, letting customers know when there’s a genuine caller — not a spammer — on the phone. It won’t cover every call AT&T and Comcast customers receive, but it’s a step in the right direction to battling the scourge of robocalls. AT&T says […]

Stadia is about the future of YouTube, not gaming

Yesterday, Google announced plans for a new game-streaming service called Stadia. Besides the logo, the controller, and a single game — Doom Eternal — the announcement left us with more questions than answers. Primary in my mind has been the query of why Google needs to be in the gaming business at all. Isn’t it […]

AT&T CEO interrupted by a robocall during a live interview

At an Economic Club event in Washington, DC today, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was interrupted on stage by a robocall, pausing an interview in front of dozens of people and driving home that absolutely no one is safe from the spam epidemic. Over the past few months, regulators at the Federal Communications Commission have been […]

Facebook is adding quoted replies to Messenger conversations

Facebook is updating Messenger today with a new feature: the ability to quote and reply to specific messages in a conversation, making it easier to keep track of things (especially in larger group chats), as reported by VentureBeat. The feature comes as an expansion of the company’s existing reaction emoji. Now, when you hold down […]

Postmates launches a free group delivery option

Postmates is launching a new delivery option that comes without its sometimes pricey service fees: essentially, carpooling for your food. The new delivery option, called Postmates Party, allows you to opt in to having your meal delivered as part of a group. The food will still be delivered to each person separately, but it’ll be […]

Alamo Drafthouse theaters will launch an unlimited movies plan this year

Alamo Drafthouse Cinema is planning to launch what it calls the Alamo Season Pass, a MoviePass-style subscription service, nationwide by the end of this year. The company is already beta testing the program in a small selection of its theaters. “It’s working for us, and we love it,” CEO Tim League told Business Insider. “It’s […]

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