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How to set up multiroom music playback with Amazon Echo

One Echo is good, but several Echos are better. Amazon’s Echo devices have multiroom audio support, which allows users to simultaneously stream music over multiple speakers, making it feasible for people to outfit their entire homes with Amazon’s smart speaker. The feature lets you play audio from Amazon Music, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, Pandora, Spotify, and Sirius […]

A Louis Vuitton logo on these earbuds will cost you $700

Louis Vuitton announced a “new” pair of truly wireless earbuds — the Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones — that cost $995 and feature the fashion brand’s iconic logo. But despite a new paint job and name, these aren’t new headphones at all; they’re the Master & Dynamic MW07 buds that came out last year. Instead of […]

Houseparty adds Heads Up in a new push into gaming and revenue

Houseparty, the group video chat that has carved out a niche among a segment of young people who use it to hang out virtually, is making its first effort to generate revenue. The company said today that Heads Up, the popular mobile game, will now be available inside Houseparty’s mobile app. Users will be able […]

Jeff Bezos is launching a new conference dedicated to AI, optimism, and Amazon

For the last couple of years, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has held an annual invite-only event where billionaires, astronauts, and roboticists could rub shoulders and chat about the future of tech over gourmet nibbles. Now that event is being turned into a public conference — one that “embraces an optimistic vision for scientific discovery” and […]

Shareholders are pushing Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition tool

After controversy over where Amazon will sell its facial recognition tool, a shareholder proposal is pressuring the company to stop offering the product to government agencies until a civil rights review can be completed. Organized by corporate activists at the nonprofit Open MIC, the proposal asks Amazon to halt sales until “an evaluation using independent […]

How to access a remote computer using Google Remote Desktop

You bought your parents / grandparents / other relatives a new computer, set it up, and showed them all of its nifty new features. You’ve gone home, knowing that you’ve made them very happy. But, deep down, you know that this isn’t the end of the story. It’s not going to be long before that […]

Don’t underestimate Americans’ knowledge of Facebook’s business model

As part of its ongoing study of attitudes about Facebook, Pew Research today released some new data on how well people understand the fundamentals of ad targeting. In The Verge, Julia Alexander has the key findings: Seventy-four percent of Facebook users are unaware that Facebook records a list of their interests for ad-targeting purposes, according […]

Google Pixel 3 ‘Lite’ leaks in extensive video

At this point it may be a tradition that new Google phones show up in unboxing videos from Eastern Europe before they’ve even been announced. So it is with the so-called “Pixel 3 Lite,” a midrange Pixel phone that’s already leaked extensively but has now shown up in apparently near-final form on video thanks to […]

LG’s upcoming G8 flagship may have an attachable second screen

LG is known for trying outlandish smartphone designs to stick out in the ever-crowding mobile marketplace. Last year’s G7 introduced an extra-loud, so-called Boom Box speaker that let you blast music at high volumes, as well as some rather excellent vibration and haptic technology. The V40 after it packed in not three or four, but […]