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Pimax opens preorders for its very expensive 8K and 5K VR headsets

Pimax has begun taking preorders for its 8K and 5K+ VR headsets. The 8K model will cost $899 for just the headset — no SteamVR controllers or base station included — and the 5K+ model is $699 with the same lack of pack-ins. For comparison, HTC’s Vive Pro retails for $799 if you’re only buying […]

AT&T says its 5G network is launching ‘in the next few weeks’

AT&T promised at the beginning of the year that it would be launching a real, standards-based 5G network at the end of 2018, and during its latest earning call, CEO John Donovan confirmed those plans, promising that the network would be launching “in the next few weeks,” via Phone Scoop. This would be an authentic […]

Yahoo must pay $50 million in damages for data breaches

Yahoo has agreed to pay $50 million in damages for 200 million people in the US and Israel who had their personal data breached, according to the Associated Press. The company also has to provide users with credit monitoring services for two years. California federal court still has to approve the settlement before the payments […]

Google Podcasts has been failing to load for the past few days for some users

Some users have been experiencing issues with the Google Podcasts app, reporting instances of episodes not loading or trending lists and suggestions not showing up, via Android Police. Users on Google Play help forums and Reddit are sharing their experiences, and some have been unable to access new episodes on their Google Podcasts app for […]

Micro-drones with winches can open doors and lift 40 times their own weight

Micro-drones are nifty little things: small, fast, and agile. But they’re not the strongest machines around, and are barely capable of exerting more force than a small mouse head-butting your ankle. Until now. Scientists from Stanford University and EPFL in Switzerland have created a micro-drone with a built-in winch that’s capable of lifting up to […]

How Android got big

Earlier this week, we updated our gigantic visual history of Android to include details of every release from the operating system’s 10-year history. I’ve also made the case that Android is now the world’s most dominant operating system and that Google invested in buying and developing Android primarily because it wanted to ensure that Microsoft […]

Global preferences for who to save in self-driving car crashes revealed

If self-driving cars become widespread, society will have to grapple with a new burden: the ability to program vehicles with preferences about which lives to prioritize in the event of a crash. Human drivers make these choices instinctively, but algorithms will be able to make them in advance. So will car companies and governments choose […]

Snapchat helped over 400,000 users register to vote

Snap revealed yesterday to The New York Times that it has helped 418,000 users register to vote within a recent two-week period through Snapchat. Notably, many of those users live in potentially contentious states like Florida, Georgia, Ohio, and Texas. Snap’s efforts began at the end of September when it started displaying a link to […]