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Air pollution is the new tobacco. Time to tackle this epidemic

A smog of complacency pervades the planet over this silent public health emergency. Next week is a chance for action Air pollution is a silent public health emergency, killing 7 million people every year and damaging the health of many, many more. Despite this epidemic of needless, preventable deaths and disability, a smog of complacency […]

Record number of children’s operations cancelled last year

Paediatric professional bodies express ‘deep concern’ over new figures obtained by Labour A record number of 18,647 emergency and non-emergency children’s operations were cancelled last year, according to new figures which Labour described as a “shameful” indictment of the government’s handling of healthcare. Over the last eight years 117,936 children’s operations were cancelled, according to […]

Girl, 6, died of sepsis after hospital ‘missed opportunities’ to treat her

Report says staff at Royal Cornwall hospital ‘lacked compassion’ after death of Coco Bradford A six-year-old girl taken to hospital with stomach problems died after medical staff missed several chances to save her life, a highly critical independent report has concluded. The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS trust accepted there were a series of failures in […]

The best slogans for remainers to chant | Letters

Readers including Shirley Williams find hope in the People’s March and offer their anti-Brexit slogans Thanks for the spectacular photographs (Report, 22 October) of last Saturday’s great anti-Brexit march, but there is another story to be told as well. I spent six hours in Parliament Square. There was no room to sit or even stand, […]

Not all mothers can breastfeed, and many need support to do so | Letters

Lisa Robinson says she was unable to breastfeed her child and Dr Claire Ingham adds that breastfeeding is a learned skill that western women are poorly taught I read your article stating that England’s low breastfeeding rates were due to advice going unheeded (Report, 25 October) and, as a mother who didn’t breastfeed, I wanted […]

Just how helpful is reading for depression?

As winter blues loom, many turn to books for distraction or consolation. But these familiar balms are not always enough Winter: that gruesome time of year when the sun only pops round to see you off to work and leaves before you can cancel your dinner plans. It has always been a ghastly time for […]

I love my partner but his depression makes me fear for our future

It would break my heart to leave him but I can’t bear to see him suffer with his dark and toxic thoughts I am a 53-year-old woman who divorced five years ago, after a 27-year relationship. It was a difficult marriage and I experienced coercive control and abusive behaviour at times. Three years ago I […]

Falling fertility: lessons learned from Botswana – Science Weekly podcast

Fifty years ago, the average woman in Botswana had seven children. Now she will have fewer than three. Enabling women to control their fertility has had huge ramifications for their health, education and employment – could President Trump’s ‘global gag rule’ threaten this? Nicola Davis travels to Botswana to investigate Fifty years ago, the average […]

Health secretary urges tech firms to enforce minimum age rules

Matt Hancock says social media use has contributed to rise in self-harm among teenage girls Social media use has contributed to the rise in self-harm among teenage girls, the health secretary, Matt Hancock, has said, accusing big tech firms of doing nothing to enforce minimum age rules. Hancock, a keen user of social media who […]