Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Category: Health

Can helplines survive our growing fear of the phone call?

For decades, Childline and Samaritans have offered a friendly ear. But how does that work when so many of us would rather text, email or instant message? Stevie Davies, 30, cancels three times before we get to speak. Although we have scheduled an interview, she can’t work up the courage to pick up the phone. […]

Fake psychiatrist case puts thousands of doctors under scrutiny

Records of 3,000 medics to be reviewed after it emerged that conwoman practised for 22 years on false papers The records of up to 3,000 doctors are being reviewed after it emerged that a woman worked as a NHS consultant psychiatrist for 22 years with fake qualifications before she was convicted of trying to defraud […]

Thousands of UK workers denied toilet access, says Unite

Union points finger at high-street banks, construction sites and bus companies Thousands of people do not have access to basic toilet facilities in their workplace in the UK, according to a major union. Unite said it had uncovered evidence of staff at branches of big high-street banks being required to urinate in buckets, and construction […]

Set age ban on sale of energy drinks at 18, government told

Campaigners and teachers say an under-18 ban would be more effective than one set at 16 Childrens’ health campaigners and teachers have joined forces to urge the government to set its proposed ban in England on the sale of energy drinks to youngsters at 18 rather than 16. The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC), which is […]

Peanut allergy treatment around the corner but cost raises concerns

Scientists think treatment in which children take increasing doses of peanut protein will be approved next year The first medical treatment for children with peanut allergies is likely to be approved next year but there are concerns about its affordability, even though it consists essentially of peanut flour. A study in the US and at […]

NHS does not have limitless funds to treat foreign visitors | Letters

Charmaine Fletcher says visitors should arrive with health insurance, David Diprose on being forced to seek private healthcare, and Michael Cook on why he supports upfront charges for visitors I am saddened by Elfreda Spencer’s death and sympathetic towards her family’s distress (They said ‘No, it’s £30,000 upfront or nothing’, 14 November). However, the NHS […]

French whistleblower welcomes U-turn on study into babies with missing limbs

Epidemiologist in Rhône-Alpes who raised alarm says government move vindicates her work The whistleblower who raised the alarm over clusters of babies born with missing upper limbs in France has welcomed the government’s decision to set up a national scientific committee to search for a cause. Emmanuelle Amar said the move, announced by the health […]