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NHS plans alternative transport routes to avoid no-deal medicine shortage

Letter to pharmacists says plans will ‘maximise the ability for supply to continue unimpeded’ Plans have been drawn up for the use of alternative transport routes and prioritisation of medicines as part of contingency planning for a no-deal Brexit, pharmacists have been told by the NHS. The government has been reviewing transport routes for all […]

Does marijuana use really cause psychotic disorders? | Carl L Hart and Charles Ksir

Alex Berenson says the drug causes ‘sharp increases in murders and aggravated assaults’. As scientists, we find his claims misinformed and reckless Does marijuana cause psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, and do associated symptoms like paranoia lead to violent crimes? That’s what writer Alex Berenson is claiming. As part of his new book promotion, Berenson […]

Two dead after pigeon droppings infection at Glasgow hospital

Patients believed to have inhaled cryptococcus at Queen Elizabeth University hospital Two patients have died at a hospital after contracting a fungal infection linked to pigeon droppings. The individuals are thought have caught the airborne disease at the Queen Elizabeth University hospital in Glasgow after inhaling the fungus cryptococcus, typically found in soil and pigeon […]

Superdrug tightens mental health checks on Botox customers

After NHS criticism, enhanced screening will check for signs of body dysmorphic disorder Superdrug is tightening its screening for people seeking Botox, to ensure that those with mental health problems are not having injections because they are dissatisfied with their body. The high-street beauty and pharmacy chain has acted after NHS bosses criticised it for […]

‘Well-oiled machine’: how Brexit disruption could hit medicine supplies

Pharmacists say minor delays at ports could have knock-on effects in lean supply chain Revealed: UK patients stockpile drugs in fear of no-deal Brexit Few of the recipients of the millions of prescriptions dispensed every day across Britain are likely to give much thought to the system that ensures that everything from painkillers to niche […]

The Guardian view of crank arguments: such talk costs lives | Editorial

The way we live our lives is often the result of decisions reached irrationally – and they are killing people. Time to make different choices In this year’s gallery of human pestilence, the World Health Organization highlights familiar characters: influenza, an infectious disease with pandemic potential; the deadly and contagious Ebola; a HIV epidemic that […]

Senior WHO official accused of using Ebola cash to pay for girlfriend’s flight

World Health Organization launches inquiry after claims of ‘legendary’ corruption, including racism and sexism Claims that a senior employee at the World Health Organization misused Ebola funds to fly his girlfriend to west Africa are among a tide of allegations under investigation by the agency. An internal inquiry has been launched by the WHO following […]

US regions where drug companies marketed hit hardest by opioids crisis

Researchers found increases in marketing were associated with higher prescribing and a higher rate of overdoses A new study has found that areas of America hit hardest by the opioids epidemic were the top regions where pharmaceutical companies marketed prescription opioids. Related: The making of an opioid epidemic – podcast Continue reading…

This plant-focused diet won’t save the planet | Letters

Richard Vernon says population reduction would do more for the planet than a change of diet, Stuart Roberts and John Davies extol the benefits of British farming, Dr Michael Antoniou calls for balanced scientific information and Paul Faupel on meeting his dietary needs with chocolate-enrobed brazil nuts Damian Carrington gives us a fine review of […]