Friday, 22 Mar 2019
Category: Health

Birth of monkey could help ensure boys with cancer can have families

Study involving reimplanting testicular tissue later in life hailed as breakthrough Testicular tissue taken from young monkeys, which is then frozen and grafted back into their bodies later in their life, can give rise to sperm and allow them to father live young, scientists have revealed. While the approach has previously been successful in other […]

Scrap ‘misleading’ fit-for-work letter to GPs, says Labour

Removal of advice is leaving ill and disabled people destitute, says Marsha de Cordova The Labour party has urged the government to scrap “misleading” letters sent by welfare officials to GPs that have had devastating consequences for ill and disabled people left unable to claim benefits for several months. The Guardian revealed this week that […]

East 17’s Brian Harvey arrested and hospitalised after self-harm threat

Former boyband frontman threatened to self-harm during live stream from his home in Walthamstow Brian Harvey, the former frontman of the 1990s boyband East 17, has been arrested on suspicion of sending malicious communications after threatening to self-harm during a live stream broadcast from his home. “At approximately 18.09 on Thursday 21 March, police were […]

Dirty lies: how the car industry hid the truth about diesel emissions

The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal was suppressed for years – while we should have been driving electric cars. By Beth Gardiner John German had not been looking to make a splash when he commissioned an examination of pollution from diesel cars back in 2013. The exam compared what came out of their exhausts, during the lab tests […]

Vitamania: should we all be popping vitamin pills? – Science Weekly podcast

With almost half of British adults taking a daily vitamin, Graihagh Jackson and guests examine our love of supplements – including recent announcments about fortifying flour with folic acid Almost half of adults in Britain take vitamins every day and we spend more on supplements than painkillers. This spring, the government will discuss whether to […]

Labor backs official apology for thalidomide survivors

An inquiry also recommended affected families receive compensation and payments towards ongoing care Labor has called on the government to endorse a national apology to Australians born without limbs and life-long disabilities as a result of the thalidomide scandal, one of the world’s worst pharmaceutical failures. A parliamentary inquiry into the treatment of thalidomide survivors […]

Expect a rise in patients suing NHS over long waits, watchdog warns

National Audit Office says delays could prompt increase in negligence claims The NHS should expect a surge of medical negligence claims because of longer waiting lists in areas including cancer care and planned operations, Whitehall’s spending watchdog has said. The National Audit Office said two in five compensation claims were due to delays in treatment […]

FDA faces call from inside agency to halt approval of new opioids

Specialists with the FDA says agency’s ‘dangerously deficient oversight’ is continuing to fuel the opioid epidemic The US Food and Drug Administration is facing a demand from some of its own specialists to halt the approval of new narcotic painkillers because they say the agency’s “dangerously deficient oversight” is continuing to fuel the opioid epidemic. […]

Actor Emilia Clarke reveals she had life-threatening stroke in 2011

Game of Thrones star could not remember her name after subarachnoid haemorrhage The Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has revealed she had a life-threatening stroke eight years ago that left her unable to remember her name. The actor experienced a potentially fatal brain haemorrhage in 2011 before undergoing major surgery. Continue reading…

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