Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Category: Health

How ‘fixing rooms’ are saving the lives of drug addicts | Mattha Busby

Across Europe, facilities that offer medical supervision for addicts are dramatically reducing drug-related deaths Jørgen sharply inhales as the needle pierces his vein, exhaling when the heroin reaches his bloodstream. His eyes reopen with a glimmer of excitement, tinged by a profound scowl of disapproval. All over Europe, every day, many thousands of people will […]

Children under 10 among those given strong antidepressants in UK

Guidance warns against prescribing paroxetine and venlafaxine due to risk of suicide Children aged 10 and under are among hundreds of young people being given strong antidepressant drugs – in breach of official guidance – that increase the risk of suicide, the Guardian can reveal. Figures show 597 children and teenagers were given paroxetine and […]

NHS winter crisis can be avoided with ambulatory care, say doctors

Society for Acute Medicine promotes system that avoids hospital stays The NHS could help avoid a winter crisis this year by treating thousands more patients in ambulatory care units (ACUs), allowing people to go home the day they arrive, doctors say. Many more patients with blood clots, infections, seizures and anaemia could be treated in […]

UK ban on Kellogg’s Coco Pops children’s TV advert overturned

Obesity campaigners criticise U-turn on granola ad that used sugary brand’s character Kellogg’s, the maker of Coco Pops, has beaten a junk food advert ban after lobbying to overturn a decision by the UK’s advertising regulator, in a move that has outraged obesity campaigners. In August, the Advertising Standards Authority banned a Kellogg’s TV ad […]

Mental health system must improve, say terror attack survivors

Some survivors have to wait months for counselling to deal with emotional trauma Survivors of terrorist attacks have called for dramatic improvements in mental health care, in a report that highlights how some have had to wait more than a year for counselling to help them deal with the emotional trauma. The report includes the […]

Low-protein, high-carb diet may help ward off dementia

Diet tested on mice proves more beneficial in some cases than restricting calories A new study that found a low-protein, high-carbohydrate diet led to improved brain health in mice has sparked hopes carbohydrates could help ward off dementia. Researchers at Sydney University’s Charles Perkins Centre fed the mice complex carbohydrates derived from starch, and casein […]

Insulin shortage could affect 40 million people with type 2 diabetes

Millions worldwide may be unable to access the drug by 2030, scientists predict About 40 million people who will need insulin to manage their type 2 diabetes in 12 years’ time will not get it unless access to the drug is significantly improved, according to new research. Diagnoses of type 2 diabetes are soaring worldwide, […]

A lame response to NHS ward closures | Letters

Do they ever step outside their offices in Whitehall? asks Dr Richard Turner of the Department of Health. And Dr Frank Arnold points out the benefits foreign staff have brought to the NHS If there is one thing more depressing than increasingly frequent ward closures in the NHS, now including cancer care units (Report, 19 […]