Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
Category: Business

Monese Raises $60M In Venture Funding For International Expansion

Monese, the U.K. bank challenger, announced on Wednesday (Sept. 6) that it has secured $60 million in venture funding. According to a company blog post, Monese said the funding will be used to continue to develop the next generation of its mobile banking service and make it available to more people around the globe. According […]

Probe Launched Into Wells’ Wholesale Banking Ops

Add another investigation to the roster of headlines swirling around Wells Fargo. As The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday (Sept. 6), the Justice Department has opened an investigation into possible fraud committed at the company’s wholesale banking unit. The financial publication, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter,” said that the probe follows “revelations […]

Job Growth Decelerates In August, Says ADP And Moody’s Analytics

Are the waves of job growth in the United States slowing to a trickle? Thursday morning (Sept. 6), Moody’s Analytics and ADP reported that private payrolls grew at their slowest pace since October 2017. In terms of numbers, firms added about 163,000 positions for the month, which missed Reuters’ estimate of 190,000. That tally also represents […]

How J.Crew Is Dipping Into Amazon’s Waters

Big brands have a complicated relationship with Amazon: The eCommerce retailer serves both as a potential competitor and as a retail partner that could open up new sales channels. Among others, J.Crew has joined the likes of Nike and Party City to become the latest brand to offer its products through the eCommerce site. The […]

Today In Data: Tapping Into The Tokenized Future

While the “mobile everything” future has been long predicted, as of the second half of 2018, we are actually beginning to see the shape of what that will look like. There will be more competition, as players like Uber try to tap more directly into the mobile payments enthusiasm they helped invent, and as enthusiasm for mobile wallets continues to […]

Nuro’s New Idea For Autonomous Delivery

Founded by two ex-Googlers, autonomous transportation firm Nuro has driven a road less traveled when figuring out how to properly create a vehicle that drives itself. For starters, Nuro isn’t built for passengers – its focus is on deliveries. And deliveries of a special kind: low-speed, short-distance, last-mile runs, which are ideal for things like […]

Farmer’s Fridge Plans Expansion After Raising $30 Million

After raising $30 million in a Series C funding round, Farmer’s Fridge has its eyes on doubling its operation in 2019. The startup, which is based in Chicago, offers salads and other meals through vending machines, the Chicago Tribune reported. With the funds, Farmer’s Fridge plans to bolster its workforce in Chicago. At the same time, the company […]

How Mobile Ordering Apps Are Moving Beyond Takeout And Delivery

Restaurants face a dilemma when it comes to mobile ordering: There are plenty of apps to serve takeout or delivery orders, but what about orders placed for dining in-house? Eat Again, among others, seeks to provide restaurants with an alternative platform for ordering and payments geared toward guests who wish to enjoy the dining room. While […]

Amazon Go Opens Third Convenience Store In Seattle

Just after opening a second Amazon Go store late last month, Amazon has brought a another cashierless convenience store to market. The new location is the company’s third store in both Seattle and the world, according to reports. The store, which is 2,100 square feet, is the brand’s biggest store to date. By comparison, the first […]

IBM, SWIFT Make News In Cross-Border Initiatives

Beyond cryptocurrencies, blockchain is making wakes as a conduit for transactions. China may be in the news amid crackdowns on trading. And there are a number of initiatives from banks in that country to use blockchain to exchange assets. In other payments infrastructure-related offerings, some marquee names have made some strides. For example, tech giant […]