Wednesday, 21 Nov 2018
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Today In Data: Correctly Capturing Consumers’ Needs

Consumers want what they want, when they want it – and they want to be able to feel confident that they can trust what they choose, whether it’s shopping online, contemplating a connected car or choosing between a card and a mobile payment method. Trust means the transaction is secure, and also lives up to the customers’ expectations for the […]

Dancing With the Stars: Meet the First Cast Member For Season 27

“The Facts of Life” star Nancy McKeon–“We have to say thank you to @Ginger_Zee for loaning me her amazing partner”: – Good Morning America (@GMA) September 5, 2018 Get ready, because another season of Dancing With the Stars is heading your way. After the special all-athletes season, the series is going back to […]

The 9 most plausible rumors about the new iPhones

It’s officially iPhone season — I’m told other people call it “September,” which seems odd — and that means we’re just days away from Apple unveiling new iPhones at its upcoming September 12th event. The rumor mill has been spinning up lots of leaked photos and speculated names. We’ve rounded up the biggest ones here, […]

The biggest upgrade to the Nest thermostat in years is a disappointment

Earlier this year, Nest finally made it possible to balance the HVAC system for different areas of your home without using multiple thermostats. The Temperature Sensor, a small wireless puck you can place throughout your home, lets the Nest system set its programming to the temperature of a specific room instead of just where the […]

Drake lights up his live performances with a drone show

On a sticky late-August night in New York, Drake has chosen to share the stage with a non-human entity. As he bounces around the stage during “Elevate,” a cloud of drones illuminates the dark space above him. Drake is an artist shaped by the internet, one whose latest meme-frenzy of a song, “In My Feelings,” […]

How big is too big? The past and future of tech monopolies

There has always been a whiff of world domination to the aspirations of big tech companies: to become a platform for everyone on Earth, to be the “everything store,” to organize the world’s information. Yet as Facebook, Amazon, Google, and others reach unprecedented scale, regulators, activists, academics, and politicians are starting to wonder how big […]