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    Ant-Custom Tasks and Built-In Tasks.html

    In my previous post we have seen how to configure ant and how to use with IDE’s like eclipse. In this post we’ll look into some of the Built-In ant tasks and Custom Tasks. Ant provides lots of built-in tasks. Those task can be categorized as follows Archive Tasks – Has list of all the archiving tools […]

    Product Comparision Tool

    I was going through the site,, And i was impresed with thier design on comparing cars. Every reseller has this option used by their customer who visits thier site. Let it be an popular algorithm/logic/interface, i just wanted to try myself to create that kind of interface and let’s see how can we improve […]

    Simple File Upload Script in PHP

    Here goes my file upload component in PHP. It just uploads the file into the specified directory.Other thing i have added as of now is it’ll upload the files into the folder on the current month and checks for the file exists already or not, if it already exists then it’ll prefix the time in […]