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    Ant-Custom Tasks and Built-In Tasks.html

    In my previous post we have seen how to configure ant and how to use with IDE’s like eclipse. In this post we’ll look into some of the Built-In ant tasks and Custom Tasks. Ant provides lots of built-in tasks. Those task can be categorized as follows Archive Tasks – Has list of all the archiving tools […]

    Online Artwork Approval

    We are a promotional product company which sells pens, mugs, bags, rulers etc printed with our customer’s message / logo on. Currently our designer designs the product makes amendments and then sends the customer a PDF proof for them to check spellings position content etc and then sign and fax it back to us before […]

    Product Comparision Tool

    I was going through the site,, And i was impresed with thier design on comparing cars. Every reseller has this option used by their customer who visits thier site. Let it be an popular algorithm/logic/interface, i just wanted to try myself to create that kind of interface and let’s see how can we improve […]