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5 Habits for a Developer

Thursday, April 29th, 2010
There are many habits which helps the developers to make them more efficient and be a good team player.
I’m just going to add some more to it from which i have read 1.
1 . Treat every defect as an opportunity to learn : This refers only to coding defects.
Don’t try to do analysis, like how did the defect get there.Add a break point in your mind, so that u’ll remember next
time when you do coing for the next time for the same scenario.During initial stage of a developer,
i would recomend to get many more coding defects, it’d really help a developer to program better.
2 . Simple Design : Try to make a simple design, work out for the desgin with some one in the team,
so that let others find mistakes on your design if any. I would like to re-align with some thing what i’ve read 1
. Talk to people who is providing the requirement, who is testing and who’s going to use the system(the most valuable entity in a software developement).
Then you finalize the design, this will help you do a better design.
3 . Communicate : Every moment of your life, you’ll be learning something. So talk to
people as much as you can(technical stuff ;() so that you end-up in learning something new for that moment. When you do a
design/code and if you feel like some one else can use this, communicate to the team. You’ll get something back from the team,
since there may be somebody put some more ideas on your design so that it gets better and better.
4 . Learn,All the time : Every day keep some time in your schedule to read something related to technical,
Which keeps you always in the top, even you are going to be in the management level. As far as I’m concern the management team should completly aware,
what a developer talks technically, this really helps the team for better bonding.
5 . Teach : Not all the time, but trying to explain concepts to other people is a great way of getting them straight in your own mind.
This keeps you to improve yourself technically.
6 . Be able to work in other peope’s roles : You don’t need to be good at everything,
but know enough about the basics of testing, requirements gathering, architecture, live support, project management
etc. that you could cover those roles for a short period, with help. But make sure that you are not doing two roles paralelly,
so that you end-up in messing-up both, as far as i’m concern*.
It doesn’t mean that if i have these qualities, i’ll be a best developer, but these are the basic qualities one should have
to be a good developer.
1.Referece  5 Best Habits of Software Developers
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