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    Integrating Hibernate with Struts1.x

    We have got list of post(s) about Hibernate. Today as a next step we’ll try to intergrate with MVC framework. We’ll take the most used one which Struts1.3. For example we’ll take the same Singer Example and we’ll work with that for intergrating with struts also.Since we have the domain object generated already, we can […]

    Struts-Validator FrameWork

    In Struts we have two kinds of validation a). Server Side Validation b). Client Side Validation.The server side validation can be done in two ways. One can use ActionForm to validate. The second method is make use of XML based validation. The XML based validation will happen based on validation.xml.In the form based validation the […]

    Adding Tiles in your Struts Project

    Tiles is a framework for the development user interface. Tiles is enables the developers to develop the web applications by assembling the reusable tiles (jsp, html, etc..). Tiles uses the concept of reuse and enables the developers to define a template for the web site and then use this layout to populate the content of […]