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    Google URL Shortner API

    One of the most important Google Tool i use regularly is Google URL Shortner, this is very helpful when you work with Social networking sites especially, When we wanted to share an URL which is too long and can’t fit into the char limit, that time this tool becomes handy. Even though we had few […]

    Online Artwork Approval

    We are a promotional product company which sells pens, mugs, bags, rulers etc printed with our customer’s message / logo on. Currently our designer designs the product makes amendments and then sends the customer a PDF proof for them to check spellings position content etc and then sign and fax it back to us before […]

    Simple File Upload Script in PHP

    Here goes my file upload component in PHP. It just uploads the file into the specified directory.Other thing i have added as of now is it’ll upload the files into the folder on the current month and checks for the file exists already or not, if it already exists then it’ll prefix the time in […]