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    Long Time, I’m missing my Blog.

    Wanted to Come back now. Lets See.

    Product Comparision Tool

    I was going through the site,, And i was impresed with thier design on comparing cars. Every reseller has this option used by their customer who visits thier site. Let it be an popular algorithm/logic/interface, i just wanted to try myself to create that kind of interface and let’s see how can we improve […]

    about:config trick for window.close() In Firefox

    This article is from my exp. on turning on the configuration in FF after each release.The script window.close() won’t work after every release from mozilla. The reason i found was “dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows” in all.js will be set to false by default. I was trying to do it in the hard way,i.e Go to the location of […]