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    Using Hibernate’s HQL

    Hibernate uses a powerful query language called as HQL that is similar to SQL. Compared with SQL, however, HQL is fully object-oriented and understands notions like inheritance, polymorphism and association. Hibernate generates the SQL from these HQL’s and executes against the RDBMS. HQL supports Clauses, Aggregate functions and Subqueries with it’s syntax. Other advantage of […]

    Hibernate, the ORM Library for Java

    Object-relational mapping Which helps you in converting the relational databases to object oriented programming languages,which help a developer to keep the persistence of the domain object.Basically ORM tools will provide the bridge between the database and the application by storing application objects in the database for the developer, rather than requiring the developer to write […]

    Connection Pooling in jBoss with MySQL and Oracle

    Handling Connection Pooling in Weblogic will be much easier, since WL itself provides the driver classes.But handling in jBoss is little trickier since, we need little diff configurations. Connection pooling in jBoss can be handled through the DataSouce. jBoss can manage the database connections by pooling them and by providing connections to the application when […]