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    about:config trick for window.close() In Firefox

    This article is from my exp. on turning on the configuration in FF after each release.The script window.close() won’t work after every release from mozilla. The reason i found was “dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows” in all.js will be set to false by default. I was trying to do it in the hard way,i.e Go to the location of […]

    Migrating FF3.0.11 Add-on into FF3.5

    The recent Update from Mozilla for FF, made me to go crazy, Add-ons in my FF3.0.11 are not working in my new FF.Here is the work around, yeahhh When you are trying to install the extension, it may you give you the following error. Download the XPI Files, For that You can follow this step. […]


    All we know that getElementsByTagName() a DOM function in Javascript is used to get all the child elements for an particular element.Consider this following scenario I have an table with the id as “parentTable”, which has many child tables in it. so my structure will be like this, If i’m going to use parentTable.getElementByTagName(“tr”), i’ll […]