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    Keep your Quick Launch Simple

    Some times we’ll endup in having lots of shotcut icons on our desktop/quick launch toolbar. I was wondering how to reduce that since that looks very ugly for me to have long list of icons hanging on your quick launch bar.I was remembering that my room met was using some kind of utility to avoid […]

    about:config trick for window.close() In Firefox

    This article is from my exp. on turning on the configuration in FF after each release.The script window.close() won’t work after every release from mozilla. The reason i found was “dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows” in all.js will be set to false by default. I was trying to do it in the hard way,i.e Go to the location of […]

    Integrating Hibernate with Struts1.x

    We have got list of post(s) about Hibernate. Today as a next step we’ll try to intergrate with MVC framework. We’ll take the most used one which Struts1.3. For example we’ll take the same Singer Example and we’ll work with that for intergrating with struts also.Since we have the domain object generated already, we can […]