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    Simple File Upload Script in PHP

    Here goes my file upload component in PHP. It just uploads the file into the specified directory.Other thing i have added as of now is it’ll upload the files into the folder on the current month and checks for the file exists already or not, if it already exists then it’ll prefix the time in […]

    Updating to WP3.0

    I have tried upgrading my WordPress to 3.0 from 2.8.4 on Monday and have got into a Big problems. I have read the requirements from WP Blog and i have checked my webhosting partner also, then i thought i can go ahead and upgrade it. Being an great intelligent i have taken the backup of […]

    Will be Completely Up By Tom.

    Dear Readers, I’m working on to upgrade my blog WP to WP 3.0 and failed Will bring this blog and posts up by tomorrow. Thanks for your patience…Sorry for the trouble…