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    Online Artwork Approval

    We are a promotional product company which sells pens, mugs, bags, rulers etc printed with our customer’s message / logo on. Currently our designer designs the product makes amendments and then sends the customer a PDF proof for them to check spellings position content etc and then sign and fax it back to us before […]

    Product Comparision Tool

    I was going through the site,, And i was impresed with thier design on comparing cars. Every reseller has this option used by their customer who visits thier site. Let it be an popular algorithm/logic/interface, i just wanted to try myself to create that kind of interface and let’s see how can we improve […]

    Issue Tracking System With SAAS Model

    I was not able to write on my blog, since my concentration was little diverted to my old pending task of completing the SaaS based issue tracking system, Actually the idea started in 2007, when my boss asked manojbabu to look for an issue tracking system. And started coding for two or three pages, then […]